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Fast 24h protoyping through to 10 days, Proto-type PCB  & PCB Assembly in the UK. It takes only a few seconds to get an instant quotation. It costs less than you think. Go on, try it out just one CLICK.

Our rapid prototyping service can offer our customers the flexibility of choosing what turn around speed they require and how materials supply is best suited for them.

Option 1 : Choose only to have your boards assembled and supply all the PCB’s, Paste Stencil & materials

Option 2 : Let Arrival supply everything, PCB, Paste Stencil, Materials ( All materials that are custom or bespoke or that are not supplied through our regular supply channels will be the responsibility of the customer to supply )

We can offer a Guest Office for our customers to use when their PCB’s are being assembled. This has two major advantages for our customers, they can quickly advise or trouble shoot should any questions arise and also gives them the ability to take away completed PCB’s eliminating shipping time.

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Mydata My15 & TP11 PCB Assembly Equipment

IBL Vapor Phase oven for very precise reflow profiles

SMTech 100 MV Semi automatic solder paste printer using DEK VectorGuard Technology Stencil system

Mirtek MV2GT Desktop AOI Inspection Machine

Component Handling to 0201 & BGA 0.5mm Pitch. Built to IPCA610 Rev E Class 2 and ISO9000





  • PCB layers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
  • Minimum track and gap : 3 thou.
  • Minimum via size : 9 thou drill 18 thou pad
  • Impedance control : 10%
  • Maximum PCB size : 400 x 400 mm

Additional Services

  • 3D CAD Case design using Solidworks.
  • Set Top Box design
  • Tablet PC
  • PCB Design Service
  • Build, debug and test
  • Mi Embedded
  • Custom embedded designs using our proven core design .
Rapid Prototyping
  • Design

    Offering a wide selection of value-added design services, spanning PCB layout through to full product design.

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  • Manufacturing

    Delivering the most efficient and cost effective electronic manufacturing solution to the customer.

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  • Kitting

    Reduce the total cost of component acquisition and achieve greater profitability.

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  • Products

    Franchised component  distribution, focussing on power, storage, interface and wireless solutions.

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  • Inventory

    Streamline component procurement and improve your working capital.

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