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Mi Embedded


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Mi Embedded

Mi-Embedded is a family of x86 solutions that can be rapidly and affordably customized to fit the customers exact end requirements. We can quickly add a customers own circuitry to a proven embedded platform creating a one of a kind design. We will then Fabricate and Assemble the customer custom solution all in as little as 6 weeks.

Using the latest 22nm 64 bit multi core x86 processors with DDR3, USB 3.0, PCI express and HD graphics capable of running the latest operating systems Windows 8.1 , Windows 7 , Ubuntu , Fedora. The off the shelf standard Mi-embedded development platform includes a big x86 and a little microprocessor or Arduino/Raspberry PI interface for developing Internet of Things applications.

With a 7 year product life , extended temperature range -40C to +110C and made in the UK

What is Mi-embedded ?

-          Mi-embedded is your very own semi customised embedded board to your specification. We have designed the CPU core you can change the connectors , power circuit , add your own peripherals PCB size and mountings etc.

Why are there a family of boards ?

-          So you can get the best power , performance profile for your project.

How can I get Started ?

-          We have made a Mi-embedded standard Intel Baytrail, Haswelland AMD G-Series SOC Board with Arduino AT Mega. You can use these to prototype your project.

BIG x86 and little micro ?

-          Atmel AT Mega Arduino + x86 multicore SOC on a single board the best of both worlds. Giving you the best of number crunching performance, and low power always connected micro. Change it to your own favourite micro , Ti MSP430 , Microchip PIC , Atmel , Si Labs etc.

Is it my design ?

-          Yes its your design, to make as you please but we will be happy to quote for full manufacture if you wish.

How much does it cost ?

-          The Introductory offer is an amazing £6k.

How long does it take ?

-          Just 5 weeks

Can I get a Quantity of my boards ?

-          Yes we can supply you 10 , 50 , 100 , 1k , 5k , 10k pcs


  • Available as standalone systems for evaluation and development.
  • Proprietary Mi-embedded CAD databases are optimized to incorporate custom circuitry nearly seamlessly.
  • All platforms support Windows 8/7, Android, and Linux
  • State-of-the-art AMD and Intel CPUs
  • Multi core CPU
  • Latest IO and high speed connectivity
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0, PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet, etc
  • Latest Operating Systems
  • Windows 7/8, Linux, Android
  • Atmel ATmega coprocessor
  • Low power micro designed to allow easy integration of sensor suites, motor controllers, watchdog systems, secondary communications, etc.
  • Always on operation when rest of the system is powered down
  • Basic system control of, and full communication to, the x86
  • Long Product life
    –      7 year extended lifetime CPUs
  • Extended Temperature Range
    -40C to + 110C In Vehicle compliant
  • Full Bios Support
     Maximum legacy compatibility DOS , Windows XP 
  • Raspberry PI, Arduino compatible

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