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Click here to download Industrial Compact Flash Card ( CFC6 ) data sheet

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data sheet

Industrial Compact Flash Card ( CFC6 )

Apacer industrial CF6 card is compliant with the CFA 6.0 specifications. Apacer adopts the standard 50-pin connector and SLC chip featuring industry-level stability for the card. It is available in capacities from 16GB to 64GB. The data transfer mode is up to PIO-6, Multi-Word DMA-4 and Ultra DMA-6, with the sequential read/write speed reaching as fast as 115/80 MB/sec. To help data stay correct, this CFC5 memory card also supports 72-bit ECC function, wear-leveling function and S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), thereby substantially enhancing product reliability.

In respect ofensuring datasecurity, Apacer's Industrial CF6 product provides Write Protect function. By simply locking the lock switch on the bottom side of the card, the industrial CF card allows data to be read only, thus preventing any attempt to write. This way, the data not only can stay safe by avoiding accidental deletion but also can prevent tampering of confidential information that may result in data leakage. These advantages make the card ideal for embedded devices in such fields as medical, military, gaming and automotive applications.





PC card memory mode, PC card I/O mode, True IDE mode



MTBF (hours)


Transfer Mode

PIO Mode-6, MWDMA Mode-4, UDMA Mode-6

NAND Flash Type




Sustained Read Performance(MB/sec)

Up to 115

Sustained Write Performance(MB/sec)

Up to 80

ECC Support

72 bit/1K Bytes

Standard Operating Temperature ( °C )


Extended Operating Temperature ( °C )


Storage Temperature ( °C )


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